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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Added privacy

My other neighbors  (not Marta & Wally) have just finished putting up a privacy fence which nearly totally blocks any view into our yard. Living in a populated, suburban area has sometimes limited some of the backyard 'adventures' that Rosa and I would have liked to engage in........but never fully prevented all of them! 

Now, however, one huge hindrance seems to have been removed. Granted, we would still have to be careful. There are other angles of limited visibility here and there.......but these could be worked around with some effort and planning. As such, Rosa and I have already joked and speculated about what this new privacy might lead to on the non-vanilla spectrum. 

1: skinny-dipping will be much easier than it's been previously.....though we have engaged in it prior to this fence.

2: next year's "Naked Gardening Day" may take on a whole new dimension, and perhaps not be strictly limited to just one Saturday in May!

3: Keeping my "post-punishment chaps" on even when venturing outside is a new and strong possibility.

If any of you have any other ideas you'd like to suggest.......we are all ears!

Saturday, May 20, 2017


I saw this meme on Ronnie's blog and liked the 'one word answer' aspect that its creator, Terps, instilled in it. I tend towards elaboration, so a single word response that I feel is still accurate is very challenging for me. Some of these were very difficult to limit. Here are my one word answers, and feel free to cut and paste this and provide your own responses as a 'comment':

  1. Where is your phone? nearby
  2. Your hair? diminishing
  3. Your Dad? remembered
  4. Your other half? loved
  5. Your favourite food? delicious
  6. Your dream last night? forgotten 
  7. Your favourite drink? wet
  8. Fear? death
  9. Favourite shoes? sandals
10. Favourite way to relax? pond-gazing (are hyphenated responses cheating?)
11. Your mood? content
12. I love? laughing 
13. Where were you last night? porch
14. Something that you aren't? dead
15. Muffins? sure 
16. Wish list item? money
17. Where you grew up? Jersey
18. Last thing you did? type
19. What are you wearing right now? clothes
20. Something you hate? hypocrisy
21. Your pets? scaled 
22. Friends? plenty 
23. Life? preferred
24. Regrets? admitted
25. Missing someone? unfortunately


Friday, May 19, 2017

Ana's back!

And commenting!

Ana is a huge Snoopy/Peanuts fan.....and collector, so I LOVE finding images like this one with which to tease her. 

Yes, my Little Monster has finished her Spring Semester and is home. Though soon she will be off on an academic adventure for the Amazon! (I told her to be wary of the little monster is tough, but petite, and there are some pretty big critters lurking in the Amazon who could see my honey as a potential snack.

But while she's still home I asked (more like pestered) her to catch up on her commenting and she has already begun. So, if you are an "Ana Fan", be sure to look for her wit, wisdom, and snarky observations in some of the older posts. She has told me she will be doing more commenting tonight, but so far she has hit "333", "Caption Hell" and the most recent, "Pool time?".

I just LOVE this one!!!!!!

I love having Ana home. She is the best 'handyman-helper' for any project, outperforming almost anyone I know....male or female. And while her 'domestic authority' is technically limited to me and my behavior, she has this uncanny ability to keep both of her brothers, younger and older, in line! As such, assigned household duties are executed much more efficiently when she's home.....which makes everything better. But besides the practical, she is just plain fun to have around. 

I recently took her for her Rita's treat (as part of my "333" apology) and we just hung out and talked about all sorts of things. 

Ana and I also also caught up on some long overdue foot care to get her pretty toes ready for Summer ( check out April's post: Apples, Trees, & Mushrooms for a peek at Ana's groomed monkey feet here!)  Ana is a mischief-maker, and loves to tease her mother, Rosa, with texts and even photos whenever I am giving her a pedicure or other treat. Rosa always feigns jealousy and claims neglect.....but it's all a mother/daughter bonding thing they do that is quite cute and amusing. 

We also discussed suspending our weekly behavior review in favor of merely addressing any issues that arise in the moment. Now that she's home, she will be able to see things firsthand right as they happen......and issue slips as she sees appropriate. As I've said before, Ana is amazingly fair with her authority, tending to exercise restraint when issuing slips.............but when she does.............look out!

Ana may resort to issuing Discipline Slips infrequently......but she is notorious for suggesting pretty large numbers of spanks when she does. Go back and read "666" if you want to see an example.

Anyway, "welcome back, Little Monster!" 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pool time?

Well the temperature is in the 90's here in NJ and it's only May 18th! Normally I follow the tradition of opening our pool just prior to Memorial Day..........but this year I'm wondering if I should open it sooner?

Perhaps I can invite this young lady over for a pool party?

Anyone up for a game of "ring toss"?!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Science project

I would like to present this interpretive model of the Galapagos Islands (click name for link) as my contribution to the 2017 Collected Submissions' Science Fair:

As you can see the Galapagos Islands are  a string of volcanic islands at various stages of their geologic life.

 I know they don't show up in the photo, but if you look very closely you will see I placed tiny, toy Giant Tortoises on some of them:

I have always wanted to visit the Galapagos............... and now you can see why.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Caption Hell

I added some new posts to my Tumblr  "Caption Hell" (click name to visit) today. I have to admit having a Tumblr like this one helps me channel a lot of the annoyance that builds up in me after a morning of scouting blogs for images and ideas for posts. The thing that surprises me a bit is that the thing doesn't seem to resonate with anyone else. I would think someone somewhere would chuckle at one of the quips or comments and tap the like button? Oh, well, at least having it is free.......................and therapeutic for me.

I was also wondering in this day of cell phone surfing, how many of my daily visitors do so through a phone rather than a laptop? The reason I ask is that unless a visitor clicks "view web version" things like the links in my right margin, poll questions, or even the rules for posting comments............. don't appear. A visitor can only see those things in the web version. Maybe that explains some things ...............but who knows?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Spanking Sunday

Following the fun of Naked Gardening Day, Sunday took on a different personality: that of the perennially chastised 'husband'. In total, I was spanked 3 times with the prospect of a fourth that did not happen due to Rosa falling asleep.....but who knows? There's no 'statute of limitations' on spankings here!

A familiar position.

The day started with a morning spanking that was crisp and decisive, though not harsh. It was given because I had reacted in my typical OCD way on Saturday when Rosa was hungry and wanted lunch right in the middle of some errands we were running. I did feed her, but not after making her feel bad for having asked. Anyway, she took care of that pretty emphatically and I ended up feeling contrite and compliant.  I then made her breakfast and the day started well enough.. but not before another spanking with more of a "set the tone" intention. This one was a little more playful and resulted in some fooling around and an O for Rosa.

Unfortunately that lovely 'tone' disappeared not too long after we started our day and began to clean up a boat we are donating. It was a messy, unpleasant job made worse by things going wrong and chilly, intermittent drizzle. We both ended up cranky and snapping at each other......unfortunately I snapped more frequently and have more substantial consequences for doing so. Hence, spanking #3!

So today I'm a bit tender again,  but really can't complain since everything I got made sense. And on another note, there was a big part of me that appreciated getting spanked for things ROSA HERSELF wanted to spank me for. Every major punishment I've received recently has come at the recommendation of Ana or from Marta & Nickki. It had actually been a while since Rosa decreed her own punishment.....and maybe that backlog is why I ended up getting three in one day? Or maybe I'm just a naughty boy?