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Friday, November 24, 2017

Fair is fair

In light of all the allegations of sexual misconduct flying around, the question of resignation seem to continually pop up. It's a valid question, especially when weighing the severity of the accusations, the believability (why does spellcheck think I keep misspelling this word?) of the accusers, and the record of the accused. One disappointing addition to the fold has been Senator (and former comedian) Al Franken. As a professed Independent, I suppose it is only fair that I address my feelings on whether Franken should resign.

For me, there are several issues at play here. One of course, is consistency. So I suppose that if we are going to adopt a "zero tolerance" policy towards any sort of sexual misconduct, then Franken, should consider resignation. But remember I did say this needs to be consistent, and given this: (link) I would suggest Franken submit his resignation no more than 24 hours after Trump tenders his own. 

But if Trump stays put? Well then I be fair.......Franken should stay put as well. (Besides, his effective grilling of people like Jeff Sessions has made me almost forgive him for doing that Stuart Smalley character years ago.......almost. Maybe if we give him more time, he can actually erase those painful memories?)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is going to enjoy the day with family and friends. I wish you and yours the very best of friendship and feasting!

And to anyone planning to go shopping today....................

.......I hope one day Karma allows for the folks forced to work today because you can't live one day without shopping to paddle you in a way you definitely wouldn't enjoy!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


That's what I'll be starting today, but before I do, here are a few kinky-themed Thanksgiving images to amuse. (They are far too goofy to titillate!)  First, into the stocks with you!

Cute, but silly vintage nonsense. The only way the captive would be stuck in these stocks would be if she was holding her coffee cup and didn't want to spill any.

Only slightly better, the art here is well done but the lady's outfit is totally inaccurate. She looks more like a French Maid in a long skirt.

And now for an example of the oppression of Native Americans by whites. But wait....they are BOTH white! Hey!
Obviously being spanked for insensitive "cultural appropriation"....and for getting one's cheesy costume at "Party City".

Something for the M/f-lovers out there. Perhaps it was the swapping of partners that led to the tensions between colonists and natives later on? (Oh and I LOVE the "WTF? Turkeys" in the background and foreground.)

While you would think I'd love the bi-cultural, Femdom aspect to this, I have a personal dislike of the whole "gigantic Amazon/miniature male" fetish genre. I don't know why. I'm cool with other people enjoying these pictures of course, but I find myself actually feeling annoyed when I see one. The only artist that manages to pull it off really well is Namio Harukawa and I think it's because his size discrepancies are within the realm of believability.

Now off to start prepping! 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

So what's on the menu?

Today I am going to be busy 'prepping' .....though not actually cooking for both of our Thanksgivings. ( We do one on Thursday and another on Saturday.) As some of you may recall, we like to do a mix of tried-and-true traditional dishes along with several 'historical recipes'. But that's just us*. In my experience,  I have seen, and been to many variations of the "Thanksgiving Dinner" .....often with strong ethnic influence.

But what about other influences? What would being a somewhat kinky person mean for a Thanksgiving? Take this guy for example. He's obviously leaning towards his own personal tastes:

I can't say I blame him on this one!

And here are a lady and a gentleman both offering themselves up as part of the feast:

A veritable cornucopia of deliciousness.

And this guy seems to have a secret agenda.

Of course, as we know from our past Halloween post, offering oneself up as the main dish can end up being a bit less enjoyable.............especially when it comes time for the stuffing:
The cook seems to be enjoying this way more than Ms. Turkey.

And here we have a 'live' take on the notion, only here Ms. Turkey seems a bit more accepting of the process.

I must be a real sicko, because despite the rigors of being stuffed, gagged, basted, and bound, as long as I wouldn't be cooked and eaten, but just serve as a very kinky centerpiece..............there's an exhibitionist part of me that envies theses young ladies:

Call me incorrigible, but I LOVE this shot!

Tell me those white turkey frills aren't adorable!

However, in looking around for images, I did come across a bunch where the dinner prep does not end with mere presentation:

As a gag photo, it's a bit cute.....but the thought of a person being cooked for real has always upset me very much. It is one of my main phobias of sorts.

So when it comes to the actual cooking and dining, I think it's best if we stick with turkeys. It seems some of them are downright eager:

Who could resist an invitation like that?

*For a look at our exact menu for both days, just read on:

Thursday will actually be the simpler of the two feasts, with the traditional turkey, stuffing, corn & clam chowder, sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, mashed potatoes, and fresh bread.

But Saturday is the more 'historical' meal which will repeat all of the above plus: rare duck breast medallions with a raspberry chipotle sauce and a venison stew. Game meats and seafood were a huge part of early Colonial diets although I do like to put a couple of modern spins on some of these traditional staples. I am toying with an idea of my own using some venison sausage as the base for a meat stuffing with dried cranberries, but I'm not 100% certain I will do it yet.

The authentic Colonial dishes from the late 1700's will include mussels in a spiced cream sauce, East India soup (made with consomme, apples, and curry), iron skillet baked cranberries, and mulled cider. 

Going back a bit further, we will have stewed pumpkin......a simple dish from the 1600's. 

And there you have it! 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Spanked because of socks?

That is what happened to me yesterday, but unlike the fellow in this picture, it wasn't because I was wearing them. (What up with those socks anyway?)

I also didn't get away with some silly hand-spanking. Rosa ALWAYS uses an implement!

Socks? Well it was because I had put two pairs of sport socks on the seat of my small boat in the driveway to 'dry out'. Reasonable, right? The only thing is I think I put them there sometime back in August and they are still there. Rosa hates stuff like that......but she wasn't seriously angry.....just irked.

However, after the more lenient 'socks spanking', she took a short break with me over her lap before delivering a second, more intense spanking for some past instances where I annoyed her last week with my comments and attitude. That one was a stinger!

This morning Rosa said she was thinking about the spankings and feeling like she was definitely missing out on something she enjoys by not having spanked me sooner. 

Friday, November 17, 2017


Several blogs will be celebrating "Love Our Lurkers" today and tomorrow and I have nothing but praise for their doubly generous natures, in that these folks not only devote their time to maintaining great blogs, but also have the charity of heart to "love" their lurkers. I wish I felt that compassionate.

According to an online dictionary, this is the definition of lurking:

gerund or present participle: lurking

(of a person or animal) be or remain hidden so as to wait in ambush for someone or something.
"a ruthless killer still lurked in the darkness"
synonyms: skulk, loiter, lie in wait, lie low, hide, conceal oneself, take cover, keep out of sight
"is someone lurking in the bushes?"

(of an unpleasant quality) be present in a latent or barely discernible state, although still presenting a threat.
"fear lurks beneath the surface"


read the postings on an Internet message board or in a chat room without making any contribution oneself.

You have to admit it's not very flattering. I'd be embarrassed to have such a description connected to me.....but then again I grew up with a sense of pride versus shame. I thought there was an even more concise definition for the internet aspect of the word: 'online freeloader'.

Over the years I've been doing "Collected Submissions" I have posted several blurbs on my frustration over how difficult it is to get comments. And although I've bemoaned this issue before, one particular incident has really left me cold, and that was the disheartening lack of comments from all but my most loyal of visitors when Ana posed for the Halloween foot photos. I guess I could handle my own lack of feedback better than when it reflected on someone I care about. I know I can be controversial and snarky, but who couldn't appreciate the charm of those cute little scenes? Obviously most of you.

In their defense I have heard lurkers explain, "but I have nothing to add."  That can be true at times. Not everything is going to trigger a response. But if you come here regularly, you must be finding the blog to be of some interest. And since the blog is clearly intended for "thinking deviants", you have ample opportunity to demonstate that you fit that criterion.

I have even seriously considered making this a private blog with access for select people only. (Of course those people would be the ones who participate even if only occasionally. After all, I'm not complaining about frequency, but about lack of any input at all.) The only thing that has kept me from doing this is a naive hope that by leaving the blog open, I may yet attract some additional insightful participants. 

And so today rather than love my lurkers, I want to express my gratitude first to my "regulars" (you know who you are) and say that without YOU......I probably would have given up long ago. So thanks! Sincerely and gratefully. 

Next to those who have left even a single comment: thank you as well. I hope you find a topic in the future to prompt you to participate again. And if there is a reason that you don't comment anymore.....let me know, either on the blog or by e-mail. 

And so, without any disrespect to those celebrating "Love Our Lurkers", may I end with my version:

Because everyone else is just like Red Skelton's  famous "Freddie" ........

.....though perhaps not quite as amusing.

I realize a post like this may offend some visitors enough that they decide not to return......but you know what the irony of that is? If a person is a devout lurker and instead of stepping up and joining in, they decide to never visit again............I won't even be able to tell.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


In looking through some older stuff, I came across this drawing I did back in the 90's:

I called it, "Chain of Command".

The notion of a BDSM group hierarchy is not uncommon in kinky stories. And the genders of the three people involved can be as different as our tastes, but for me the crucial element has to be that there is a clear chain of command that does not waver. There is a Top who is dominant over everyone, a sub, and a 'switch' who is subordinate only to the Top but dominant over the sub.

Since psychology in dominance and submission is such an exciting element to me, I have often pondered the various permutations and combinations of this arrangement. For my own tastes, the Top is never male, but he can be the switch. Still, I prefer fantasies where, like the drawing, the male is the sub, or where all three are female.

In the past I have pictured fantasy scenarios with people I know and challenged myself to imagine what it would be like if X was my Top and then Y topped X. Plugging different names into X & Y resulted in a myriad of emotional responses in me......from exciting to disturbing. Sometimes if I knew someone who came off as decidedly submissive, I might imagine myself in the middle of the chain, but more often than not, I'm at the bottom. For a kinky mental exercise, it can be interesting and fun to ponder.