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Monday, February 19, 2018

Back to abnormal

Well, it took a while. And it took a LOT of soul-baring communication along with genuine efforts on both of our parts, "strict Honey" seems to be officially back.

While posts here have shared quite a few experiences between Rosa and myself over the last few months that revolved around both fun spanking and real punishment, the fact is the 'real aspect' was not what it used to be. Going back a few years, Rosa would have the casual confidence to react to any significant misbehavior with an announcement to me, sometimes even with others around, that she had had enough and to please accompany her to our bedroom.

She would take me by the wrist and lead  me there as with blushing face, I tried to backpedal my way out of what was coming. Then she'd give me a serious, "I mean business" spanking and things would go back to normal. Then the "Big Stress" hit and for a couple of years we struggled with the 'read DD' aspect of our relationship. A little over a year go the stress diminished to a point where we definitely got closer to where we used to be......but never quite fully there. 

In fact, it seemed Rosa welcomed Ana's input, who while she also experienced the "Great Stress," seemed more willing to dole out Discipline Slips than her Mom was able to impose her own true punishments. Rosa seemed to appreciate being able to rely on these slips to give me the punishments I needed and deserved without having to make those actual decisions herself.

Recently Rosa and I talked a lot about getting back to the way things were and shared what obstacles needed to be dealt with. To our credit, we addressed these things and yesterday, Rosa got genuinely frustrated watching me repeatedly shake the water off of my hands onto her recently-cleaned floor as I was cooking. She even warned me  and I was so immersed in what I was doing, that I unconsciously kept doing it every time I rinsed my hands. Finally she had had enough.

At one point she told me to put on one of my panties and to get my butt in the kitchen and start cleaning the floor with a hand sponge. She wasn't kidding. Even when I whined about the hard tile floor on my knees, she replied saying, "this is part of your punishment. Just finish what you're doing." She lectured me as a cleaned and made me repeat her dictated promises to not do this anymore. (I HATE THAT)

Later, it was off to the room. The panties came off. The heavy punishment paddle came out, and over her lap I went. I don't know how many I wasn't a long spanking, but every one was HARD! It did not take long for me to feel true regret for my carelessness. And then? It was all over. 

What a wave of admiration I felt towards my Honey then! (And I told her so!) She seemed pleased that she had finally broken past the barriers that had stifled her previously and when I asked if my "Strict Honey" was 'back', replied that she was indeed. Getting her annoyance out like she used to also put her in a very good mood and later in the evening we even 'played' a bit......even though I am still O-less (it's been just over a month now) and after her long torturously delicious teasing, am locked yet again.

So I'm a contrite but content, subby-boy this morning........locked in front and tender in the rear!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Caption CHALLENGE Pt.1

Everyone here knows how much I hate seeing spanking captions on images utterly devoid of any spanking context. Here's one I found in like 30 seconds of looking:

Words fail me.

It occurred to me that the relentless, single-minded determination of a person with a spanking interest to be able to inject a spanking-related caption on the most innocent of images is almost admirable. Almost. It's like the tenacity of a tick. You don't really admire a tick, but you have to give them credit for never letting go. And it seems that given just about ANY subject, a spanko will find some way to make a "please spank me!"/"I'm gonna spank you!"-type comment to fit it.

And then I thought that there are so many of these images out there and so many people writing captions like this that perhaps what they need is a REAL CHALLENGE. I mean, how hard is it to have a picture of a seated young lady and turn her into a crazed disciplinarian? Or to show someone slightly bent over and not have them appear to want to be spanked? No, these are too easy. And these folks have had so much practice by now that it's time to crank things up a bit.

So, I hereby launch the "COMPULSIVE CAPTIONING CONTEST" for obsessed spankos! Below are some images that I have found just BEGGING for a good SPANKING CAPTION. So, if you are a lover of captions and feel ready to take your skills to the next level, feel free to embellish these offerings with your best thoughts:

After waiting to see what I get from my readers, I will post the results.....along with my own contributions. Good luck to all contestants......but given your past vehemence,as evidenced by what I see regularly on Tumblr and elsewhere, I doubt you'll have any trouble at all!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dreamer's Nightmare

WARNING: The following post is political in nature, so if that is a problem for you, skip it. However, I can say that the post is definitely NOT PARTISAN. Nor is it complimentary to either established Party, so if you are a conservative worried this could be liberally biased, or if you are a liberal thinking this could be too conservative, rest assured, this is just an expression of 'common sense'........therefore staunch supporters of either Party should be EQUALLY offended. 

Everybody wants to protect the Dreamers.

Well at least that’s what you hear. But recent events have shown quite clearly that Dreamers are not really a concern……..they are a bargaining chip. This past year my political posts could easily lead a reader to believe that I am a typical, anti-Trump, Liberal Democrat………………….but the only word in that description that is truly accurate would have to be: “anti-Trump”. 

My political leanings are libertarian (small “L”) with views that are socially liberal but fiscally conservative. I am not a Democrat………... nor am I typical. As the recent budget legislation has shown, NO party right now is fiscally conservative. And socially only the Democrats are liberal…...but they are also SO liberal that they lose me on many other issues. The Republicans have utterly confused me to a point where I really don’t know what they stand for except benefiting themselves. (Not that the Democrats aren’t guilty of that as well.) But let’s get back to the Dreamers. 

A recent poll has shown that 85% of Americans want a legislative fix that would protect these kids. And both parties (and Trump) have claimed to want the same thing. But 4 failed bills later, we are no closer to a solution. Why is that? The answer is quite simple. Each of these 4 bills contain a bunch of other issues that no one can agree on. And it seems that neither party wishes to give up that powerful “Dreamer chip” without getting something else they want that alone would be too unpopular. 

And Trump? Like a kid obsessed with candy, he just wants his wall. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense ( most illegals come here legally and overstay their visas, not by swimming across the Rio Grande like he wants everyone to believe.) he just wants it. But then again he also wants a military parade. I wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually tries to establish a Trump Day Federal Holiday as well. Maybe next he’ll want to chop off Miss Liberty’s head and have his own placed there instead? Anyway, this Dreamer issue, while complicated by this narcissistic imbecile, has proven quite clearly that the “duopoly” (As Gary Johnson calls it) is equally uncaring. 

It’s very ironic… a stomach-sickening sort of way, for moderate independents to watch the hypocrisy of partisan posturing. If you listen to the left, it’s the right’s fault, and if you listen to the right, it’s the left’s. And the irony is….........they are BOTH CORRECT. The Dreamer quagmire is a billboard of how Trump’s “swamp” is populated with every wealthy member of each corrupt and self-serving Party.

If you really want to help these kids (now many of whom are adults) why not simply draft a single-issue bill that takes care of these kids before their time runs out and then try to address all of the other issues they keep attaching in a subsequent piece of legislation? Even the issue over their parents can wait. Just fix this and stop using these human beings as pawns in your little games. 

Oh wait. We can't do that. It makes sense.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Playing for Stakes

( Warning: The following post describes a family dynamic wherein adult submission and spanking are openly practiced. If you do not approve of such openness, please skip this particular post. )

 After writing about being open with the more serious aspects of DD, I thought I’d follow-up with something a little more lighthearted but still in the same vein: and that is how spanking .....even in a DD household...... need not always be 100% serious. When you live openly as a person who gets spanked regularly, that activity can easily work its way into other arenas. Granted, if one’s spanking situation is a well-guarded secret, this won’t happen, but Rosa and I are not secretive. I have written before how our lifestyle has been assimilated into our household, and because even Rosa and I don’t always treat spanking itself seriously, those around us have also seen how varied its practice can be......including being used as a 'penalty' for a video game.

One of the things I noticed with all of Rosa's kids when they were younger, was a sort of bemused glee at the prospect of me 'getting it' from their Mom, and I think this is a very natural reaction for a kid. If you are a kid who knows that you never need to worry about being spanked by your Mom, but that your Mom’s boyfriend does, you can’t help but enjoy little opportunities to see him get it. Think of all the cartoons and scenes in movies going back to the earliest days of film, where the sight of a grown character getting their butt traumatized was a source of humor. Now here you are in a situation where a real life adult in your own home routinely suffers the same fate. As long as the situation holds no hint of abuse, how can a kid not find that amusing? 

And even though there was an obvious serious aspect to the DD part that they were well aware of, Rosa and I didn’t pretend that there couldn’t be a lighter side to having a D/s dynamic within a relationship. So once Rosa established her authority in a serious way, she had no problem doing it playfully as well. Innocent traditions like “Birthday Spanks” took on a whole new meaning and significance as an opportunity to have some fun with power…..while not being mean about it.  All ‘fairness’ in the Birthday boy or girl getting their whacks on their day is turned all around and one person who also happens to be an adult, ends up as the only one whose butt gets whacked. Now as a kid you are seeing an older person not just subject to deserved punishments for bad behavior but somewhat powerless to avoid getting spanked even on their mother’s whim. What’s not to like?  It’s pretty satisfying seeing a guilty person in a serious situation where tempers were lost, things were said, and feelings were hurt get spanked for it, but how cool is it to have one-sided spanking penalties for things that aren’t serious…..especially when you know…...serious or not…...those spankings are still going to sting plenty? 

And being kids and seeing all this, they naturally wanted to 'get in on the fun' to a safe degree. Rosa and I both picked up on this interest and would occasionally let them have some 'sport' at my expense in the form of being able to declare me their personal proxy for Birthday Spanks. No matter whose birthday it was, if spanks were to be given, only I would get them. So here you are again, as the ‘kid’ and instead of having to endure your own birthday whacks, someone else was taking them for you. If more whacks meant more ‘good luck’ for the birthday person and those whacks were going to someone else, well, ‘give me all the luck you can!’

Another outcome of being the only one in the house who can get spanked for just about anything was to have ‘play spankings’ used as game penalties. We called it: "playing for stakes" and it involved a very one-sided set of penalties for various failures or conditions within a specific game. 

Rosa was a very willing part of all this. She herself does not like to play games….especially video games…..but she does like to spank, and she also loves to show off her authority by doling out spankings when needed, so by being the official “spanker” for the stakes involved, she was able to be a part of her kids’ games without actually having to play them. 

A 'stakes' game had to be approved beforehand by Rosa (which she was happy to do) and then my opponent would set the 'stakes' beforehand, and then we'd play.......with them keeping a tally of my penalties. At the end of the game, they'd give the tally to Rosa with a big grin and she'd play into it and tell them that she would now  'take care of it'. It was all in fun, and never mean…...and everyone knew it and took it as a joke.  Although as an adult playing against these kids…….. who seemed like they were born with game controllers in their hands…….., the outcome for these games was hardly ever in question. Basically, if I got an invitation to a 'stakes' game from one of them and Rosa approved it, there was little doubt in anyone's mind of how things were going to end up.  It just became a way for them to bond with me over a video game with the added bonus of knowing that in the end I was going to get spanked and the only thing in question was how high the tally would be.  To be fair, we sometimes had ‘penalties’ for the kids if I somehow managed to win…..but these were like “get Ken a beer when he asks for one” kinds of things. And to be honest? I got a lot more spanks than I ever got beer!

The spankings themselves could be delivered one of two ways: either I’d be on all fours right in the same room where we played …...with my play-partner in attendance and me in these light cotton PJs that provided total coverage but offered little cushioning for my hinder, OR I’d be taken to our bedroom and be given a good, private, OTK paddling on my bare bottom.  The ‘winner’ had the option to choose which they preferred and either be an eyewitness to the spanking over PJs, or be able to listen in on the other.

As I recall, initially the kids’ choices usually resulted in the public clothed paddlings, but once the novelty of seeing me get it wore off a bit, and the kids realized that a bare-bottomed paddling was definitely more of a painful and embarrassing penalty for me, that choice became the more popular one.  (Ana mentioned in a post a while back how initially she thought that whenever her Mom took me to the room for a spanking, that I would ‘get it’ over PJs. When she learned that I got it over her Mom’s lap with my pants down, it added a new level of intensity. I think this was the same for them. I know if I was given the choice of seeing a friend get spanked over their clothes or knowing they would get it in private on their bare hinder, I’d choose the latter.) The subsequent sounds of smacks and ouches from the next room (our bedroom is next to our TV room) then provided entertaining proof of the prowess of whoever  the gaming ‘winner’ happened to be. And in that regard, and to different degrees, every single one of my grinning step-kids had at one time or another, managed to send me off to their mother with a hefty, penalty-laden scorecard.

All three kids had their own favorite game they would choose. Even the oldest, who was the least interested in the actual DD lifestyle, would enjoy playing me for 'stakes' in Soul Caliber. (It got to a point where after a while I would only agree to play him at all if he gave me a point handicap….and even then I’d still end up with a very sore behind.) Ana liked Let's Dance (which she could usually win easily), and instead of playing against me, Osito would team up with me for Resident Evil 5.

 Depending on the game, they might come up with a set penalty if they beat me in total score, or if it was a team player game, I would be penalized if I ended up botching a score by 'dying' while my partner was still 'healthy'.

As you can see from this Resident Evil fan art, the inclination to punish 'characters' for annoying game play with a spanking is not unheard of.

Out of all of my ‘steps’, “Osito” (Ana’s younger brother) probably played more “Stakes”games than either of his siblings. Our main game was Resident Evil 5, which we could play together as a team. But as a player who was not nearly as good as my teammate, it would very often be me who got us killed. All it took was some clumsy misstep, a slow or incorrect response to a screen prompt, or just poor marksmanship and “you are dead” inevitably flashed onto the screen.

A familiar screen that for me should have had "and you are going to get spanked for it!" added underneath.

 Now unlike life, where death is pretty permanent, video ‘deaths’ require only a reset for ‘life’ to continue……..and so it was with us, AFTER Osito recorded the event on my penalty scorecard, because as one would expect, getting your teammate killed is definitely a spankable offense for someone who gets spanked. Even I could not argue that evidenced in this more personally-inspired cartoon depicting those times: 

As you might expect, since I drew this......the situation depicted while pretty darned accurate.

Over time though he was also getting pretty creative as to what other parts of the game constituted grounds for a spanking. Eventually something like a character uttering some annoying catchphrase would be jotted down for a few extra whacks. And even if I played well enough to minimize our deaths, I had no control over these random utterances….and over the course of a game, they’d add up. But as someone who also found these particular phrases annoying, I could appreciate Osito wanting to have some kind of recourse for enduring them, and since only my half of the team got spanked, it naturally made sense that my butt would have to pay the price.

Here's a bit of fan art depicting the evil and formidable Wesker spanking Chris. One of Osito's later additions was adding a set number of spanks whenever Wesker would yell out this annoying, "Chriiiiiis!" And so besides killing me often enough, Wesker was able to get me spanked just by opening his mouth! I'm not usually a huge fan of M/m spanking, but in this case, I can sort of relate to Chris' predicament .....if not his enthusiasm for added severity, because whenever we'd hit a scene where Wesker appeared, I sort of knew my butt was in trouble!

At one point,  our “spanking stakes” adventures hit a sort of high point. Osito would ask to play often and with ever-expanding, one-sided consequences. And yes, I’d go along…...and so would Rosa. She never amended a total, and though never actually displeased with me, never went easy on the penalty. If a good, thorough spanking was the agreed-upon consequence, she could be relied upon to deliver it as such. Even I sometimes volunteered a few suggested ‘extras’ to keep things fresh and risky (for me). And then? As with all things, it just sort of faded out of fashion, which with kids getting to a certain age, makes perfect sense. 

Fan art of Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil getting spanked. When playing as a team you only have the option of being Chris Redfield or Sheva. Osito and I would switch characters, so it wasn't unusual for me to BE Sheva. And in light of our circumstances, this cartoon is even more funny, since MY performance as Sheva often ended similarly.

So what was my surprise when I recently mentioned something about our old “playing for stakes” routine to Osito and he responded that he had just seen an online version of resident Evil 5 being played as a drinking game and thought how easily those rules could translate to spanking?  Now there’s a coincidence!  Add to this one hasty criticism, an admission of how ironic getting a discipline slip would be after the weekend that I had, some guy-to-guy bravado banter, and…….well……………… after some discussion, it looked like “playing for stakes” would make a return.

When Osito began to mention all the options he was considering, (he actually sounded very enthusiastic about the possibilities) I actually found myself stalling and back-pedalling a bit. I mentioned that maybe we’d need limits and caps on certain things. Then I told him to let me think more about all this and once I was alone I realized that if “I” got to negotiate the terms, I’d definitely ask for all sorts of limits and minimize certain things I know he likes. I knew that I had to somehow take myself out of the decision process. And because there was a half-serious ‘offence’ tangled up in this, I had an idea: what if we co-wrote a Discipline Slip for the offence wherein my “punishment” would be an irretractable agreement to play whatever game he wanted, with whatever stakes he came up with, for as long as he wished? I presented that idea to him and he signed off on my offer and agreed to make up the list of rules. When Rosa came home I showed her the slip, and told her what it was all about and what her involvement would be if she agreed. (All Discipline Slips require Rosa’s approval). And, as one would expect, she agreed without hesitation or fuss.

However, after a few days went by without any further developments, I just asked him if he was still interested or if it was just a passing notion. He admitted that since he’s so absorbed in either going to work or his music, (he actually composes arrangements and original instrumental pieces) that he’s not sure when we’d ever have time to play. So I guess it was just an idea that appealed to him in the moment and then faded in the harsh light of day to day living. Whatever the reason, it seems I’m safe for the time being…...unless he changes his mind again. (And despite my willingness to 'play', I am not really super eager for it either, so I have no intention of trying to persuade him!)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Winter Blues & Another Fetish


There, I feel a bit better now. Once Valentine's Day passes, and before St. Patrick's Day arrives, the persistence of winter really tends to get to me. But today it is actually supposed to hit the high 50's here......even if it is still going to be grey and cloudy.....and that is promising. ( I hope to maybe get some of that painting & staining done.)

But the promise of warmer things to come also made me think of Summer and for some reason triggered another twisted childhood memory:

Remember her?

When I was probably about the same age as the girl in this ad, I vividly recall how much I LOVED seeing her pale butt. Maybe it was because I had no sisters and growing up in a fairly conservative household offered little opportunity to see a girl's behind? But for whatever reason, I genuinely (and secretly) appreciated whenever her little hinder flashed me on a billboard. (I think I wanted to toss that dog a biscuit as a 'thank you' treat too.)

As I got older and the age difference between us increased, my feelings shifted a bit, and yet, I never quite lost my appreciation for this ad......and I don't think I'm alone. Just look at some of the great spoofs of this ad where the exposed bottom is owned by a much older young lady:

This is just too adorable!

And you gotta love this one on SO many levels!

And what Star Wars fan wouldn't appreciate this?

Even fans of the macabre like me have been inspired by that little girl.

And it's to this old ad that I attribute my "tan lines fetish". Now, for a long time I didn't really like tan lines on a nude woman, preferring the classic look of monochromatic skin. And depending on what I'm thinking, I still do like that even smoothness. BUT, there's something about tan certain situations.....that can also make a woman (or I suppose a man) seem even more naked.

And I guess that's why I'd call my interest in tan lines a "fetish".........because it's not always there and kicks in for reasons somehow separate from mere 'preference'. (Like I said, aesthetically my preference is 'no tan lines'.) And somehow, my favorite images of females with tan lines seem to revolve around a sense that the woman herself is calling attention to them in some way. Sort of like 'showing them off'.  Take a look at some of my favorites and you'll see what I mean:

Granted this is an attractive young lady, but an even skin tone on her would just not have the appeal that her 'triangle of white'  does! Your eyes go straight to her butt and the tan lines seem to accentuate just how naked she is.

Tell me her combination of tan lines and over-the-shoulder expression isn't absolutely charming!

And she doesn't HAVE to be at the beach for tan lines to 'work'. Even out that skin tone and this would be just another nude selfie.....but that creamy contrast on her bottom makes this into something much more interesting. Do you see how the tan lines make her seem 'more naked'?

And just for my lady visitors ( Merry, Fondles, Lea, and yeah, maybe even you too, Ana & Nickki LOL) here's one just for you all (even if I neglected to mention you by name.)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Naughty Cupid

Happy Valentine's Day to all my loyal readers! (especially the ladies! LOL)

Believe it or not my hinder is still a bit tender (and discolored) from this weekend......AND I have also been locked up for the last couple of days as well. The combination has rendered me quite docile and submissive. In that vein, I also had a very heartfelt discussion with Rosa last night wherein I confessed that I regret having made....and keep hard for her to really feel in charge. I promised her that I was REALLY going to work on being more obedient and asked for help in getting me there. She admitted that my attitude and demeanor have been the biggest obstacle for her. I admitted she was right, but added that she has (and always has had) the authority to deal with that. I basically reassured her that I VERY MUCH WANT to be more obedient but that I need her help.....just as I always have ....with her dealing with me seriously when necessary.

Anyway, we will see how things go. In the meantime.......Valentine's Day!

If you recall last year I ran a series of 'Cupid Chastised' images mainly from the world of Fine Art. This year I thought I'd change pace ever so slightly and present images of a similar bent......but from more modern and casual sources. Enjoy!

For the 'Modern Woman' who refuses to be a slave to love.

Great Victorian postcard! Poor kid, she looks absolutely terrifying.

This charming Miss just made me think of my Monster, Ana, who has that same seemingly innocent ability to get the males around her......from her friends, brothers, and even ME to 'march to her tune' without actually resorting to personally employing her crop for anything other than a threat. 

Holy crap! Somebody call 911. This is the first time I've seen a "Cupid Chastised" image that kind of crossed the line. LOL

That's better! An adorable porcelain figurine embodying the sweet but stinging essence of loving maternal or domestic discipline.

And here's one of my cartoons as it was first seen on the cover of the SandMUtopian Guardian back in the 1990's! (I am even the author of the Beat the Clock article mentioned on the cover.)

And we conclude with something for those who just feel too old to bother with all the "Valentine's" nonsense. As red as that butt is, I kind of feel like THIS Cupid is just getting what he deserves for really picking the wrong target.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Nickki's "lashes"

No, I don't mean her eyes!
(though she does have nice ones.....don't you think? A LOT of mischief in them.) 

No, I mean 'lashes' like '40 lashes with a wet noodle'........only there were 50 not 40, and instead of a noodle, Rosa used our "White Lightnin'"switch!

A "White Lightnin'" switch available at Adam&Gillian's.

A while back I had asked Nickki via text if she wanted to participate in the "2017/2018 Committee Punishment" like she did last year. Her reply was a pretty quick 'yes'.....only this time she said she wanted to go through it with Rosa instead of interviewing me like last year. But that was before she and Jean got busy looking for a house! Naturally the stress of that sort of put my request on a back burner.

Still, as Ana's slip was winding down, I asked Rosa if she'd text Nickki to get her input and she did so on Saturday. Being overwhelmed with moving, packing, and buying a new place, Nickki admitted she really couldn't go into the depth she had intended but to just give me "50 lashes" from her and Jean.......with love.

At first Rosa was going to add Nickki's 50 to Ana's remaining 400 so as to give the smaller number more impact, but I asked if she would please keep them separate. I explained that psychologically I'd rather not just have Nickki's input be diluted, though I agreed that 50 swats alone would lack the punitive impact Rosa might have desired. But when Rosa told me what Nickki's text actually said: "50 lashes" I had an idea. I asked Rosa what she thought about perhaps taking Nickki's casual expression literally and rather than giving me 50 smacks with a paddle, she give me 50 hard strokes with our "White Lightnin'" switch? I even suggested that Rosa could immobilize me in our homemade "rack" so that I couldn't move no matter how much the strokes burned. Rosa agreed.

Now this all happened on Saturday which was when we HAD intended to finish out Ana's remaining 400...........but one interruption after another sort of ruined that idea until we had only a tiny part of the day left. Rather than rush Ana's 400, I suggested that we do Nickki's 50 instead. Then we could always devote the full day Sunday to the four installments described in the previous post. At first Rosa was resistant to interrupting Ana's punishment and then going back to it, wanting to 'keep everything straight',  but she did admit that there really wasn't enough time to do them properly and she also felt like we should do something. So Rosa came around to seeing that doing the 50 was not such an awful idea after all.

Soon I found myself secured to our adjustable bed-top 'rack' and regretting I ever made the suggestion! Rosa even added an extra 10 to really send the punitive message intended in a year-end close-out punishment. When finished she seemed pleased with her results:

I took this shot soon after in our bathroom so I could share the results with Nickki....and you all. LOL You can easily see the welts.

Yesterday I texted a "thank you" to my dear Nickki for offering her punishment recommendation and told her that Rosa and I took her "50 lashes" literally and that Rosa used a switch on me instead of a paddle. I even sent her the picture of it above so she'd know what sort of implement I meant. Her reply?

Nickki: Oh shit wow I like her. 

Then I shared the above picture of how "I" ended up,  (since last year, one of her punishment 'conditions' was that we send her a post-paddling photo, I figured she'd appreciate one this year as well.) Her response?

Nickki: Ohhhh

That looks HOTTTT!

I told her how her "50 lashes" expression was the inspiration for the resulting welt-fest but that Rosa and I both felt it was appropriate as a punishment. Nickki responded saying she was glad I was in agreement and not surprised by getting 'lashes' instead of paddle-smacks. She was in the middle of doing some paint scraping and so I let her get back to what she was doing but did conclude by asking her if she was pleased with the outcome of her decision and she responded that she did indeed like how things turned out. 

The funny thing is that while getting switched for me is VERY painful.... (the welts speak for themselves).....for some reason the results from a switching only last for about a few hours and then fade. I think it's because the weight of the switch is lighter and while it inflicts fiery sting, it stays mostly on the surface. The results from a hefty paddle.....while they sting differently tend to impact my butt more deeply and the resulting discoloration and soreness can last for days. If you go back and look at the pictures from yesterday you can see that even on Sunday, you can't see any residual 'lines' from the switching......just even, swollen pinkness.